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Brent Reservoir - photo Andrew SelfThe Brent reservoir, or 'Welsh Harp' as it is more commonly known, is situated on the borders of the London boroughs of Brent and Barnet. The site is frequently considered for development, and the need for a body dedicated to preserving its current status as a SSSI and an important breeding site for wildfowl has been demonstrated with alarming frequency.

The Welsh Harp Conservation Group (WHCG) was formed in 1972, and works in close liaison with both Brent and Barnet councils. It was formed to protect the area, not only as a habitat for a variety of birdlife and rare species of flora, but in the interests of public recreation.

The aim of this Website is to publicise the existence of the Welsh Harp, bring updates and news to existing patrons and allow general discussion on any birding issues. I hope that you find your visit worthwhile.

I originally developed this site for the Welsh Harp Conservation Group in 1999.
I no longer live in the area, but I am still committed to keeping the Harp free from harm and I am happy to continue to host the Web site on my server space.
It is worth noting that the site still receives significant traffic, and has been featured in at least three publications and a big local advertising campaign. In addition, the British Library have requested permission to archive the Web site as a reflection of local conservation in this era.
This leads me to feel that the site deserves a serious amount of updating, and I would be happy to put a little work into doing so if someone connected to the Group (or perhaps a local with their permission) were to give me some material

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